PLC/DCS System Services

PLC/DCS System Services

Sahfiq and Sons expertise in advanced technology based programmable logic controller system (PLC) and supervisory control & data acquisition (SCADA) bases industrial automation systems. These systems are in compliance with various industrial standards. We also design projects using these systems as per the specifications detailed by our client.

Different Brand of PLCs/DCS

  • Advantech Pacs and PLCs USA

  • Modicon QUANTUM [Schneider Electric France]

  • PLC Direct 205/305/405 Series [Direct Automation USA]

  • GE FANUC 90-30 [General Electric]

  • Simatic S7 PLC [Siemens]

  • ABB T200 Procontic [ABB]

  • Allen Bradley SLC 500, 540E [Rockwell Automation]

  • Melsec AnS series PLC [Mitsubishi Electric]

  • Toshiba T2/T3 series PLC [Toshiba]

  • Eurotherm TCS loop controllers [Eurotherm U.K]

  • Multilopp Process loop controller [Desin Instruments]

  • Phoenix Contact PLCs